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Ready to bring any exciting idea to life, about product, package, in virtual or real life - we are highly motivated to meet the challenge :)
Here is a typical large-sized project made from scratch.
Under contract with a well-known investor like Sofia TechPark and their Drug Design and Development Lab, we did a good job. From creating logos for innovative products to building an entire promotional campaign. Including single and boxed real-life package prototypes, POS displays, posters, and other advertising stuff.
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Investor’s brief:

1. Invigorating beverage
2. Chewable tablets

The products “Svejest” contains a carefully selected combination of total dry extracts of St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum, L.) and Melissa (Melissa officinalis, L). St.John’s Wort extract suppresses anxiety and tones the whole body.

‘Svejest’ - the name means Freshness. Bulgarian. Cyrillic alphabet.

1. Invigorating beverage
2. Chewable tablets

Probiotic for daily balancing of the intestinal function for everyone - young and old.
Entirely developed in Sofia Tech Park, the products “Comfort” contain lyophilized bacteria of Lactobacillus helveticus strain, isolated from Bulgarian yoghurt.
Real-life prototypes - single packages, boxes and POS display.

A quantity of 1000 single packages was made and packaged in the appropriate boxes.
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Selection of printed advertising materials.
Posters, flyers, cards.
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Specific furniture details made for Sofia Tech Park project.
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